Smart Spending and Borrowing

You’re still here! Congratulations! We’re so excited to move onward with our journey toward financial security and knowledge! Today we’ll be focusing on spending and borrowing — two unavoidable yet necessary features of life. We’ll review ways to control, plan, and prioritize your spending; how to understand and deal with debt; the best options for […]

Investing and Saving

By now you’ve no doubt followed all of our advice and created spending plans, bulked up your emergency fund, reined in your debt, and boosted your credit score. Nice job! Now you have the great problem of what to do with all your extra money!  Too often, money management blogs gloss over the whole “investing” […]

Insurance and Taxes

Our last post in the Smart Money series! We’ve loved having you and hope you’ve learned as much from these posts as we learned while writing them. Lest it should come across like this is all easy to do, it’s not! Getting a handle on your finances is a lot of work, but once you […]

Putting a Premium on Protection

How many products can you name that you buy hoping you never have to use them? Perhaps a fire extinguisher, a mousetrap, or a bottle of painkillers come to mind. But those are small-ticket items, comparatively speaking, that barely put a dent in your budget. We pay for them without giving too much thought to […]

Knowledge To Own Selected for Google For Startups Founders Academy

Alberto Estrella is one of 47 founders selected for Google for Startups program focused on high potential startups from underrepresented entrepreneurs based in the U.S. New Jersey — February 9, 2022 –Knowledge To Own, a homeownership marketplace for homebuyers and real estate affiliates today announced it was selected to join the third cohort of the […]

How to Save a Down Payment for a Home in One Year

The moment we become financially independent and are able to leave some money on the side, renting becomes a chore, and we’re itching to buy a place to call our own. However, in today’s economy and with the current state of the housing market, that’s easier said than done.  Are you ready to be called […]

Careers That Will Forgive Your Student Debt

Did you know that your student debt could be forgiven entirely or to a certain extent thanks to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program? Borrowers who work for the government or non-profit organizations are eligible for student loan debt forgiveness under this program. To be eligible for PSLF, they must work at least 30 hours […]