Buying a House When Inventory Is Low

The process of purchasing a home is extremely intricate in today’s economy. Potential homeowners have to jump through many hoops before getting the keys to their new house. One step that many seem to take for granted is house hunting. Sure, assessing mortgage rates, applying for loans, and getting the necessary funds is important, but what happens when you’re scouting for your dream house and all the available options are underwhelming at best?

More often than not, homebuyers across the country seem to face a similar issue — how to find an acceptable residence when choices are limited? Don’t despair — things aren’t that bleak after all. In this article, we’ll share some useful tips on how to buy property when the market has low housing inventory. Let’s get started!

Consider All Options

You need to scour all the relevant real estate websites to buy home. Needless to say, most potential homeowners look at new houses on the market. While this makes perfect sense, it’s a rookie move. Applying that filter may have just prevented you from getting your dream home. 

Instead, you should take off any price filters and start looking for houses that have been on the market for a while. Chances are the listings have nothing wrong with them, and their prices are simply too high for that particular neighborhood. Consult your real estate agent about putting in a lower offer and keep an eye on the property — who knows, the sellers might decide to lower the price, and you’ll be right there to snap it up. 

Patience and Constant Vigilance

Buying a house can be extremely nerve-wracking, especially with the lack of options in the competitive market. However, it’s important to remain level-headed at all times. Don’t lose your cool and put an offer on the first property that comes along because that is not a good way to buy a home. Your fingers may be itching to close, but resist the urge and wait for the one. We promise it will be worth it!

That said, you should remain proactive at all times — as soon as a new interest crops up, you should be able to look at it as soon as possible. Call your realtor and schedule a viewing right away. 

Flexibility Is a Virtue

Once you find an option you like and decide to make the final step and buy a house, you’ll probably need to be flexible enough to make your offer a winning one. Some sellers may need to close the deal quickly because they’re relocating or having marital problems. Your offer will be more compelling if you are first at the closing table. 

Shortening the inspection time frame is another way to speed up the whole process. Now, this is an important process that you shouldn’t skip whatsoever, but if you have a termite inspector on speed dial, they’ll be able to conduct the inspection much faster. Plus, if you are fine with the mortgage rates and are already pre-approved for a loan, your lender can start underwriting your mortgage. This way, you can close quickly as an all-cash buyer.  

Adjust Your Price Range

Many buyers want to avoid a fixer-upper at all costs. We understand the logic behind this, but it may prove challenging to find a home in a pristine condition in a competitive market. Looking for perfection can often prove to be a fruitless endeavor. If you adjust your search parameters and look for homes below your price range, you may come across a hidden gem that needs only a couple of cosmetic upgrades. You can aim the extra money toward those repairs, so it’s practically a win-win situation. 

When buying a house, for some, location is everything. If you don’t have your eyes and heart set on a particular neighborhood, then you can expand your views and check out other areas. Consider commute options, community requirements, and other items on your checklist, and if the house in question ticks all the right boxes, go for it!

If Not Today, Tomorrow

Don’t panic if your dream home is not on the market today. There will be more listings tomorrow and the next day. Purchasing a dream home is a waiting game in a way. The best way to come out victorious is to be ready to pounce as soon as the house you want hits the market. Rely on your real estate agent because they’ve been in the game for a long time, and they know the ins and outs of the market.

Be open-minded even if the house in question doesn’t exactly match the home from your imagination. You can always spend more time remodeling it and give it that homey feel on your own. Being persistent and patient are skills you may have to acquire along the way, but once you have the keys to your home in your hands, all the hard work will pale in comparison.

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